Partner with us

Everything is better with a partner.

You’re wanting to get involved personally but how do you get your slice of the pie? Whether you’re thinking about getting into repair and sell, repair and hold or development, you know it can be difficult on by yourself.

On you own, deciding on which investment to put your funds into can be risky and not without complications. Experience and knowledge are power in property, and sometimes its just simply better to be a silent funding partner and take a generous return. These options can be expensive if you’re not used to dealing with experienced and trusted people in both insured and uninsured houses.

We offer an ability to chat with us for free about the possibility of joining up with us to make your opportunity come to life.

This can be a complex area but we are open to all options that might be available through a partnership.

An option for private investors is to fund one or many of the opportunities we have in front of us in order to potentially get a better return on your money than from a savings account. For investors a detailed prospectus is given along with a legal contract for all funds required.

Some common partnership options we are happy to execute:

  • Buy, renovate, and sell with a split profit share
  • Buy and renovate properties, then sell them to clients at a pre agreed price
  • Property Syndication
  • Private investor financing and returns

With the experience of finance, investment and banking, get in touch today to look at your personalised options of what will work for you.