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How much is my house worth?

How do you put a price on your property and know that its fair for everyone involved? When you speak with us, you will receive market research and industry knowledge on a current value for your property.  Together, using knowledge of your house is worth, we will be able to move forward comfortably agreeing with an on and off market value.

How to sell a property?

You’ve done the research and selling your property can either happen through a real estate agent or through a private sale.

Real Estate agent:

Commonly people want to obtain top dollar for their property and real estate agents selling through the open market is the first choice. Often when a good campaign has been run at the cost of the vendor, and when the market is right, people are able to achieve amazing results on the open market.

The open market will allow the true value of your property to come out and this can have both a good or bad result. When it goes well, we know the successes, but what about when it goes bad?

In New Zealand, with the most common agencies charging 3-4% commission and with additional upfront costs of marketing campaigns usually costing thousands of dollars. Not to mention the time spent waiting on the market for the right buyer, not everyone has the luxury of benefiting from this option.

Private Sale:

Private sales have two categories, and people often love the idea of this for the cost saving methods available.

Your first option is to sell it yourself on the open market and you can do this via organising the professionals yourself or simply using the basics. Organising professionals for staging and photography are key, with the additional costs of website listings and time spent on open homes, this process can save you thousands off the cost of an agent. Option two, is having a buyer pre-arranged to purchase your property at a fair agreed price.

This option is by far the cheapest as you will generally incur no fees for selling your property other than a legal bill.

Your option two for private sales is where we come in. After chatting with us, you will spend less time and money on the sale of your house which will result in an opportunity to move forward faster.

Upon selling through us, the only cost for you will be a legal bill, so it would also be useful if was offering a referral fee to help cover that cost. See our referral fee