As is Where is property

This has been a troubling area for many people in Canterbury and its time to move forward. Your pay out has come, or is on the way, so what do you do next? You have come to terms with the idea of selling but not sure how you should do it? Check out how to sell my house.

Once you’ve decided you want to consider selling to us, get in touch and we will see you and your property as soon as you're able to meet. We aim to see everyone within 24 hours so you can feel relief from the situation as soon as possible. Before we make an offer we will consider a lot of information on your property but we especially take your needs into consideration so you can move on to the next steps in your life. All offers we make will be in cash and we are happy to allow a flexible settlement date in order to help you move on when you’re ready without too much stress.

Most as is properties are in need of both a repair to acceptable living and insurance standards, but also in need of a renovation, and we love bringing warm and safe homes back to the market for Canterbury buyers or tenants. Our team of engineers and construction people are experts in their field, and they take great pride in restoring houses to their former glory and then surpassing this with modern upgrades. A no obligation offer on your house within 24 hours.

It doesn’t matter where in the country your house is, or whether it's TC1, TC2, TC3, TC N/A, flood zones, hill property or anything else you’re worried about, let us be one of your options.